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Book The property with just 3 Cr in Raheja SOBO

Book The property with just 3 Cr in Raheja SOBO

The Rivière @Worli Skyline.

The Rivière @Worli Skyline: Where Luxury Meets the Clouds

Unveiling Unimaginable Luxury: Discover the epitome of opulence at The Rivière @Worli Skyline. Our 3-bedroom luxury deck-residences redefine high living, and they start at an incredible price of just ₹6.83 Crores+.

30:70 Payment Plan: We believe in making luxury accessible. With our flexible payment plan, you can secure your dream home with ease.


Soaring Heights, Unbeatable Records

Skyline Marvels: Brace yourself for a world of superlatives. Our development boasts six world height records, including the coveted title of “The Highest Residential.” What awaits you?

  1. ‍♂️ Infinity Pool: Dive into the sky with our breathtaking infinity pool.
  2. ‍♀️ State-of-the-Art Gym: Elevate your fitness routine with panoramic views.
  3. ‍♂️ Grand Ballroom: Host unforgettable soirées in style.
  4. Chic Lounge: Relax, unwind, and soak in the ambiance.
  5. Gourmet Restaurant: Savor culinary delights with a view.
  6. The Sky Bridge: Walk among the clouds and feel on top of the world.

Your Last Chance to Ascend

Living Among the Clouds: This is your final opportunity to be part of an unparalleled masterpiece. Experience life at its finest, where every sunrise and sunset paints your world with magic.

Deck Residences: Our meticulously designed 3, 4 & 5-bedroom deck residences offer:

  • Best Floor Plans: Thoughtfully crafted layouts for seamless living.
  • Super-Spacious Decks: Extend your living space to the sky.
  • 1st Tower Ready & Occupied: Move in and embrace luxury immediately.
  • Low Density, High Quality: Enjoy exclusivity in a micro-market setting.
  • World-Class Amenities: From concierge services to wellness centers, we’ve got you covered.

Raheja Universal: A Legacy of Luxury

India’s First Luxury Developer: With a 7-decade legacy, Raheja Universal has consistently redefined luxury living. Trust us to deliver excellence.

For Bookings in DLF, Call: +91 9958959555

WhatsApp Us:

More Information: CALL +919958959555

We’ve woven the essence of luxury into every word. Let’s elevate your brand presence and captivate your audience! ️

**Experience the Epitome of Luxury Living at The Riviere, Worli-Lower Parel West by Raheja Universal**

*Raheja Universal*, the pioneer of luxury development in India, invites you to seize a unique opportunity to own a residence in the iconic *Worli Skyline*. With a legacy spanning seven decades, Raheja Universal continues to set new benchmarks in luxury living, surpassing all expectations.

✨ **The Universal Truth of Value** ✨CALL 9958959555

Invest in The Riviere by Raheja Universal and witness your investment appreciate over time. Raheja Universal’s commitment to excellence is evident in their iconic addresses that stand tall, reflecting a heritage of quality and distinction.

For more details on The Riviere, contact us at +919958959555

**Unlock the Gateway to Luxury Living**

Dial the number and book the property of your dreams: 9958959555

**The Worli Renaissance is Here!**


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